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Gmail / G-suite

If you are using Gmail or G-suite, you can link your company email to it by completing the following steps.


Open Settings via the cog on the right  IMG 9506


Gmail 002


Click Accounts and import in the menu at the top

IMG 9507


Click Add an e-mail account in the "View e-mail from other accounts:" section.

apple mail2


A popup will open in which you enter your email address in the first screen. Then click on Follow >

IMG 9509


On the next screen, you can link the account using Gmailify or via POP3. In this case, we choose POP3 and clickNext > again.

IMG 9510

Next, enter your username (= email address), password and POP server. Choose Port 995 (SSL/TLS)
Choose to always use a secure connection (SSL).
You can also choose to label incoming messages. This helps you keep an overview in your mailbox.
Follow by clicking on Add account >.


The e-mail account has now been added. 
In many cases, you will also want to be able to send e-mail with your company e-mail.
In that case, selectYes, I want to be able to send e-mail as and clickNext >



In the next window fill in your name (and/or company name, if any), this is visible to the recipient.
Consider alias
is ticked.
click Next step >


To send email via Gmail, enter the SMTP server. Here, choose port 465 (secure connection) or 25 (non-secure connection)
Fill in the username (= email address) and password.
Secure connection can be via SSL or TLS.
Following this, choose Add Account >

Gmail 010

Should you choose TLS then port 587 belongs to it instead of port 465.

A confirmation code has been sent to the e-mail address.

If you received the email directly, you can enter the confirmation code and click check.

Sometimes it takes a while and you can also close the window.


Gmail 011


The mail you receive will look like this.
You can (when you have closed the window) use the link to confirm your request.

Gmail 012


After clicking on the link, a screen will open and you have to click confirm again.

Gmail 013

If you use multiple email addresses, you will want to choose which email address a new message will be sent from.

To do this, first click on recipients.


Gmail 014


You will see a dropdown with the different email addresses of your gmail account. Select which email address the message should be sent from here.


Gmail 015

If you use a particular e-mail address a lot, you can set it as your default.

To do this, go to settings again via the cog icon IMG 9506

And go to Send mail as:

On the right-hand side, you can set an email address as default.


You can also choose When replying to a message toReply from the same address the message was sent to.



Gmail 016