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How can I automatically archive messages in Outlook?

What exactly is archiving in Outlook and why should you do it?

With archiving e-mails, you move e-mails from your current mailbox to a local archive file. This can be useful, for example, to keep the amount of e-mail you have on the server below a certain limit. Depending on your settings in outlook, the amount of mail you leave on the server can quickly increase. When you use IMAP as your setting, you leave all mail on the server and use the mail programme to look into it. For speed, your programme does have a local shadow copy but this is not the same as the archive file or a local file you created yourself.

Where can I find the local archive file?

If you turn on the auto-archive option then the program will create a file in this location :
C:username>DocumentsOutlook files

If this file did not already exist, it will also be created the first time you click archive, for example, an individual email.


Right-click on the message you want to archive.

archiveer een enkel e-mailbericht

Or first create an archive folder using this option:

archiefmap aanmaken via accountgegevens

After you have done this, this message may appear :

archiefbestand aanmaken in outlook

Then click on "Create archive folder". The archive file will be created, the mail will be saved in it and disappear from your inbox.

Settings for Autoarchiving

If you want to change the default settings for archiving, go to "File > Options". In the window you will then see, click on "Advanced" in the left-hand part of the window and then on "Settings for AutoArchiving".

In the left-hand part of the window, click on "Advanced" and then on "Settings for AutoArchiving".

instellingen voor autoarchiveren

Here you will find options for frequency of archiving, whether to delete or archive items and in which folder.

You can, by the way, create multiple files to apply different settings.